Saturday, April 9, 2011

I is for I

As in, me.  Yes, if E is for Erin wasn't self glorifying enough, I am going to post about myself again.  Actually I am going to post about posting.

Right now I am continuing my prep for the A-Z blogfest.  So far I have A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, P, S, T, W, and Y completed and scheduled to post on their appropriate days at 5am PST.  I have something begun for M and X, but they're not ready.  This really has been quite a challenge partly because it goes against my better judgement.  Why?  Because, generally, people who follow my blog don't check it every day.  I find when I schedule posts too close together, each post gets less hits.  It seems that people only look at the most recent post when they check a blog.

Of course, this A-Z blogfest is another sort of beast.  People who have never seen me before will be here looking at my really weak "I" post and I will be seeing everyone else's I is for Icecream, Icharus, Illegal, Iguana, Itchy (oh, that would have been a good one!), Isotope, I-pod, Iran, etc...

So, in honor of posts from the past that received the least amount of love, here they are again, just in case you have the time before jumping over to visit the 400+ other participants. (Don't worry, I don't expect much)

Query Spoof Contest 5/27/2010 (the first time I participated in a contest/blogfest)
Fighting the Urge 5/30/2010
Try a Little Tenderness 6/9/2010
Care Bears 6/13/2010
Forces of Nature 11/30/2010


jkraus8464 said...

Well I think its admirable that you are ahead of the pack. That is usually my goal, but alas, I had company last night and it threw me off the schedule. But I like the I in I. Great idea. We don't think of ourselves enough. I will be checking out your recommended posts. Love your honesty.

Ju Dimello said...

Wow :) Great that you've gotten so many letters mapped out.. I'm just one day ahead..For today, I have I sorted out ;) Monday, I'll be posting...and so on!

Nice to meet you!
Following you from A-Z challenge!

Erin Kane Spock said...

At this point I just have to finish M and Q. :) And I'm always going to be a letter or two (3,4) ahead because I'm scheduled to post on Sundays. Oh well.

Susan Kane said...

Hey, you iguana, you! Good post. It is incredible, indescribable to be home.

Dawn Embers said...

Interesting post. I'm with you on the not blogging every single day normally. I find that it takes a couple of days to even a week for some people to comment on certain posts. I chose my review blog to only do two posts a week for that reason too. But this challenge is a different animal. I plan to comment on many ones I haven't seen before tomorrow since it's the day off.

Wow you are well prepared. I haven't even written my "I" post yet, though I do know what I'll do for M and Z. I've been writing them the night before.

Raquel Byrnes said...

So very proud. For a pantser, you've certainly thought ahead and are very prepared. Bravo!

Barbara said...

Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge! Hope to see you around!

I also have them pre-scheduled for another week. I should be done with all of them shortly.
It's really important to award yourself with a post :)

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