Friday, April 8, 2011

H is for Herpes

The nicest looking cold sore ever.
This is that blog that needed to be posted for that A-Z blogest that may be the death of me, but no genius guided me in the right direction, so here I am.

Okay... herpes.

Well, herpes sucks. In it's varying forms, it stays with you forever, waiting for your immune system to crash.  Yes, you all are thinking of genital herpes, which, I am proud to say, I do not have.  Yay for me.  I do get cold sores.  I have had chicken pox.  I once had a pityriasis rosea outbreak.  I also have had mono.  These are all in the extensive, inbred, dysfunctional herpes family.

Herpes is there, waiting for me to get sick, to drink to much too frequently, to get old and frail.  It's lurking in the dark shadows, planning it's next comeback.

Herpes, however, will never show up in my romance novels.  It's just not hot.

So, there is my H is for Herpes.  Not nearly as exciting or scandalous as you thought it would be, huh?


Susan Kane said...

A very timely, valid, and needed post. Thank you for your bravery, and awesomeness.

Erin M. Hartshorn said...

Gah. I hate cold sores. I don't get them as often as I used to, but yes, I do get them. I also had chicken pox and am considering getting the shingles vaccine to help prevent recurrences of that particularly unpleasant kind.

And you're absolutely right -- herpes doesn't belong in a romance novel!

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Dawn Embers said...

Risky but way to mention something few other bloggers would dedicate a post to. And you're right: herpes isn't hot. I'm guessing no one wants sti's or std's in romance or erotica. But it's good to be informed.

Kathleen said...

Erin, only you would go to the letter "H" and think "Herpes." How about hemp, hallelujah, hypotenuse, hanky panky, half-assed, hypocrite, hovel, harangue (I really love this word) or even habeas corpus? BTW: I once knew someone who believed the word "hypotenuse" was named after an animal...he always wondered why they named a geometric term after an animal....true story!

Erin Kane Spock said...

It was the first thing I thought of. lol.
Wait until you see P is for Poop. Yep. I'm classy.

J.L. Campbell said...

You're making me really thankful I never had herpes.

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