Friday, April 22, 2011

V is for Viral

I am 35. That's not old, but I think I passed some invisible line in the sand in regards to age and technology.  It's not as easy as it once was to understand the use and application of all the new gadgets and modes of communication.  I just created a Twitter ID and am exploring/learning the ins and out of that. I started my blog a year ago and feel confident that I know what I'm doing at this point. I'm listening to my Pandora radio station instead of a CD. I am getting more proficient at texting and have read four books using the Kindle app on my Droid.  I don't have a Kindle/Nook, but am no longer resistant to it. Romance e-books are booming so it behooves me to learn about them since I'll probably be responsible for marketing myself.

I started this blog in order to create a 'web presence.'  It became something much to me than something to add to my query, but that was how it started. I do not know how to make a book trailer, but I expect I can learn (though it does intimidate me) if I have to.

Things are not fads any longer, they are viral. Videos, blogs, and pics that go viral create instant celebrity.Celebrities are born every day with random videos of pudgy Scandinavians singing, hamsters being dramatic, or baby twins looking at their socks.  It is a world I'm trying to understand, especially in regard to marketing myself.

I was querying a small publisher recently and their website specifically said they wanted authors excited about marketing their material.  That tells me the author, with that publisher at lest, 100% responsible for any and all marketing.  That intimidates me, but it's something I have to learn about.

When my books get picked up, how will I approach this strange, new world of instant celebrity, 140 character blurbs, and home made movies?  Not a clue, but I'm willing to try.


Loralie Hall said...

I agree - it's all a little intimidating on the surface, but it's also so fascinating (to me). Best of luck with all of your reaching out. I bet you'll be awesome at it!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

We re-invent ourselves over and over again in life. I decided to have fun with it. I am the Wiley E. Coyote of high tech, an author of high hopes and low tech.

But I think readers can relate better to those authors who struggle with life's challenges. Perfection is boring and off-putting.

I wish you great luck in your publication dreams. And book trailers have so far successfully eluded me! Roland

J.L. Campbell said...

I don't think we have much of a choice but the jump in and learn as best we can.

Susan Kane said...

You will take deep breaths, go out for a celebration, come home, and get back to writing. I will be so proud of you.

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