Monday, April 11, 2011

K is for Karma

Specifically, A Bitch Named Karma by Stephanie Haefner.

I bought the ebook and started reading it over this past week. I knew from Francine Howarth's review awhile back that it was not the erotica implied by the cover art (when my husband saw my purchase on the screen, he inquired hopefully as to the nature of the book).

I started reading (using the Kindle app on my Droid) on the air plane. The whole time I was shaking my head at the cliches that seemed to make up the story. With direct nods to Sex in the City, Legally Blond, When Harry Met Sally, and  He's Just Not That Into You, I had no idea what I would say to Stephanie in the future. Yes, it was entertaining -- but I was expecting something more, something honest and thoughtful.

And I got it.  Without giving the story away, the cliches are part of what turns out to be a satire, mocking shallow women's fiction.  Real life gets in the way of the glamorous facade of chick lit and the story takes unexpected, wrenching paths that make you stop and think instead of just admiring the haute couture.  It is a smart, intriguing story with a very relatable main character. I give this book a gold star.

BTW, the censor bars were placed after my 6 year old daughter came in to my office as I was writing this. I had to explain what a bitch was and why we don't call people that. Then she told me that the girl really should not have her boobs showing, so I added the bars. :)

Yes, I know I'm a couple days off.  It's because I scheduled posts for Sundays.


Stephanie said...

It is so refreshing when someone really "gets" my story!!!! Yes, I knew I was taking a HUGE risk by starting the story with so many cliches...but, as you got, it was on purpose!!!!!!

My apologies for having to make those explanations to your daughter. Mine is 8 now, but was only 7 when the book came out and she had seen it plenty of times. She never really asked about the title and already knew it was a word she shouldn't say. And her comment about the woman: "Mom, it's kinda like she's doing the Pledge of Allegiance." I said, "Yep, it is!" :)

Thanks so much!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks again!!!! (I forgot to subscribe to I had to leave another comment!!)

Susan Kane said...

Great review, and then to have Stephanie read your post!

Your daughter is just too smart for her own good, sometimes!

Dawn Embers said...

:-) oh little girls. That is amusing. The cover would almost hint at something explicit. It's interesting to have your review of the book. Nice post for K. I haven't figured out what to post when I get to that day.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

The cover is deceiving. I like the sound of this book :)

Stephanie said...

Unfortunately, the cover is a bit deceiving. :( It was my biggest concern when the cover art was revealed to me. I voiced my concerns and some changes were made but I didn't like those either, so we stuck with the original. The cover definitely has "wow" factor though. Thanks for all the comments!!

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