Monday, June 14, 2010

Title Blogfest

Did you know that Return of the Jedi was originally set to be marketed as Revenge of the Jedi, but revenge is something a Jedi would not seek, so it was changed back to what Lucas originally wanted. There's a little title trivia.

In regards to my own title, I am sort of stuck with Courtly Love. I know the title does not jump out and get you, but it's basis is in the story. The rules of courtly love are a running theme throughout the book. Plus, the spin-off books will all have 'Courtly' in the title for continuity.

But, just for fun and because I'm procrastinating on actually writing in my current WIP, here are some alternative titles:

How Mistress Pierrepont Got Her Groove Back

Doest Thou Liketh Pina Coladas?

An Affair With Her Husband

How to Seduce Your Wife

A Study of Postpartum Depression In Tudor England

What do you think?

Now I will finish chapter 10 in Courtly Christmas. I will. Mary will find out Charles wants to marry her and assume it's out of obligation. She will squelch the glimmer of hope for a future with him, and wallow in her perceived unworthiness. Then Chapter 11 will start on the next day of Christmas.


Raquel Byrnes said...

Shhh! Don't give it away! I'm still reading.

mary said...

You could self-publish it under each title and reach a ocmpletely different audience! Brilliant!

angelarene said...

The first 4 title made me laugh out loud...Too funny...If I had to pick one besides Courtly Love, I'd go with Doest Thou Liketh Pina Coladas? Makes me wonder did they have pina coladas back then, I really an curious to know.

Erin Kane Spock said...

Something called pineapples featured heavily in Elizabethan embroidery -- but that was what they called pine cones.
So, no pineapples or coconuts in England really (unless a swallow brought it during it's migration). Also no rum, at least as we know it, yet.
They were way missing out.
Thanks for the comments!

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