Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hold on to your bloomers!

Well, I changed my blog tag again. I never really loved 'Bursting Your Corset' because I couldn't help but picture a gory explosion. I'll probably go back to 'Doing It Elizabethan Style' eventually -- but that made me think of poor hygiene and syphilis, even if it did get attention.
So, for now, this is 'Hold On To Your Bloomers!" complete with exclamation mark to let you know I'm serious.

Side note: Elizabethan ladies did not wear bloomers or drawers. It made sense, really. Anyone who has tried to use a porta-potty while wearing fifty pounds of velvet overskirts, embroidered and beaded silk foreparts, bumroll, and farthingale knows that adding one more step to the process may be one step too many. Of course, I do actually wear bloomers when I am in costume. While not quite as bad as that scene from The King and I, it would be awkward if I were to take a tumble in my hoops.


Raquel Byrnes said...

Nice to know you wear bloomers under all of that other stuff. Lots of dust out there at the Ren Faires.

Hoping you have a great day...see you on the 19th.

Erin Kane Spock said...

Lots of dust. Bloomers a complete necessity.
See you next week!

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