Saturday, September 25, 2010

Golden Heart Contest

It's that time again -- Romance Writer's of America's Golden Heart contest opens for entries on September 21st. Crazy. Didn't they just finish up the last year?

The good news is that you have until November 15th, 2010 to submit your entry form and until December 2nd, 2010 to get your submission to the RWA offices.

That is right on the heels of NaNoWriMo... if I'm focusing on finsihing my w.i.p. for the Golden Heart, I won't be able to start my new project. Hmmmm. Of course, I could just finish my w.i.p. for NaNoWriMo without actually participating in the contest aspect.

The date just snuck (not 'sneaked') up on me and took me by surprise. I know, it shouldn't have, but it did.

I could also resubmit Courtly Pleasures (previously known as Courtly Love). It has gone through some major changes since I submitted it last November. Who knows? I certainly don't.

Last year was exciting. The contest dates gave me a real deadline. Once I had done everything to their specifications and sent it off (I think it cost about $50 to mail it all, it was such a big package) there was that feeling of accomplishment and some closure. Then the date came when I knew the judges were going to start reading. It was neat to think that some author was reading my first fifty pages. The date came when I knew the judges had to turn in their score sheets. Finally the day came where the finalists were going to be notified. I stayed home, watching the RWA site get updated. I cried when I was not included.

But I would do it again in a heart beat. It was like my novel was a part of something. The judges had to read the first fifty-pages -- my entry fee guaranteed it. My novel was really out there in the world (to an extent). It was a good feeling.


Raquel Byrnes said...

I hope you do enter. You've really worked hard on Courtly Pleasures or maybe Courtly Scandals is far enough along to send?

Edge of Your Seat Romance

Angela McCallister said...

I totally had my heart (no pun intended) set on entering, but then I found out how much the entry fee was. Yeah, I guess this year's out for me. I wish you all the luck if you decide to submit this year. I'd be excited to write a post announcing a win by a blog buddy :)

Kathleen said...

How much does it cost to submit? I think you should go for it!!

Erin Kane Spock said...

It's $50 to enter if you are a member of RWA (which I am). It's $100 (I think) if you are not. Membership is $110 the first year and $85 for renewal. The $50 is not bad given the opportunities the contest could bring, but the whole thing adds up.
I've found membership useful, so I don't think it was a waste to join.

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