Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Name, Same Blog

From the start my blog has been musings about the writing process. I share personal experiences, lessons I've learned from, and information from the romance industry. Occasionally I deviate with a blog fest or a rant, but I've been true to form.

I came up with Hold on to Your Bloomers in effort to not take myself too seriously and still have a hint of historical romance involved. I even had Doing it Elizabethan Style for a bit, but it grossed me out. Now that I've expanded my writing to include paranormal stories in modern day settings, I think I need a new blog title, if not a new blog identity.

Should it be creepy and dark? I don't think so because I still write with a sense of humor. My Elizabethans have been described as a romp -- I like to think my paranormals, while spooky, have an element of fun as well. I've been brainstorming witty titles, but nothing clicked. 

I spoke to my husband about it and he said to keep it simple, but also make it something that will catch with search engines. He suggested Spock Writes Romance. Is it misleading? Do people expect a Star Trek homage? Maybe. But my last name is Spock, and it's the name people remember about me. It's also generic enough to allow for growth. Yes, I write romance -- so far just historical and paranormal, but who knows what lies down the road. Fantasy/Sci-Fi wouldn't be that big a leap for me. I have a few ideas from a young adult series. 

For the record  yes, I really enjoy Star Trek (never got into Voyager though - 7 of 9 and the doctor were the only good things about that show). 

So, Spock Writes Romance it is. For those of you that have followed me for awhile now, please know that it's still the same blog. When it comes down to it, whatever the name, I blog about writing and the writing experience. Eventually it will include the publication experience.

Just for fun, click below to see the most amazing commercial ever. Every time I think about it, I smile. 


Susan Kane said...

Spock writes romance...very good, indeed.

Raquel Byrnes said...

I love it. Its catchy and as you is your name.

Great look also. :)

Melissa Sugar said...

Hi, I am a new follower and I love the tittle, "Spock Writes Romance." It's catchy, it contains your last name & I do not think it's misleading in any way. I'm really glad I discovered your blog. I'm also struggling with renaming my blog. Like you, my blog post & content has changed quite a bit from my early blogging days.

I feel like we are in similar situations. I write mystery/suspense and thrillers, but my blog is very girly and funky. I don't want to change that part of it because that is who I am and my blog is the only place I can use bold colors. As a lawyer, everything in my other profession needs to be neutral and somewhat bland. I want to change my url (and that won't be a big deal because I'm ready to buy my domaine and ditch the blogspot part). I really need to change my title from "Have You Heard," to something that is more indicative or representative of what I do.

Like you, I have an unusual last name and I want to incorporate my name into my branding. "Spock" gives you more to work with.

My last name is Sugar, and I really want to come up with a catchy phrase or title that includes my name, but "Sugar" doesn't fit suspense. It's driving me nuts.

Sorry, I didn't mean to write such a long comment, but your name/catchy title & renaming your blog issues really resonated with me.

Erin Kane Spock said...

Thanks for the feedback.

Melissa, I went to your blog and there were no posts. On the side bar it got directed to Karma Carbs, which isn't your writing stuff.
You're right, your blog is girly -- but it's eye catching and fun.
You could play on the irony of having a name like Sugar while writing dark content. Don't worry about commenting too much. I'm glad you felt a connection. :)
I'll check back on your blog a bit to see what you do.

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