Monday, May 6, 2013

Writing Forward

One of my very first blog post was about putting perfectionism aside and writing. I have to make the conscious decision not to get mired down into worrying that my first draft is going to be perfect. If I did, I'd end up with one really overworked chapter after a year of work instead of a new book.

You'd think that it would be part of my process, ingrained, by book five, but no. I still have to slap myself into submission and force myself to write forward. The story won't happen if I don't make it happen. At this stage of the game,t his is my biggest hurdle.

I'll worry about my passive language and overused phrases on the next round.

What is your biggest obstacle to finishing a manuscript?

1 comment:

Spanj said...

Enthusiasm, commitment, my short attention span! I'm yet to complete a novel, hence why I've transferred to writing short stories which, for now, suit me much better.

I'll write that novel one day, but shorts suit me for now.

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