Thursday, May 16, 2013

Something You Can Trust

It seemed like all the events in the news this past year were aimed at rattling my faith in humanity (egocentric
much, Erin?). From citizens needing protection from the police, the Catholic Church more worried about its reputation than the congregation, teachers taking advantage of their position with students, even the highest offices in this country more interested in popularity than the good of America -- it all becomes too much sometimes. Who do you turn to when you can't trust anyone?

My easy escape is into a romance novel.  It's a place where men are honorable. Where love is important and family is everything. You are guaranteed laughter and tears. Happily ever after happens. Good is rewarded, bad is punished. Everything is right with the world. This is why I started reading romance in the first place. Real life has enough crap in it -- why read something that would make me feel even more hopelessness, helplessness?  Of course there is conflict in romances too, some more than others, but at the end everyone comes to their senses. Where does that happen in real life?

Even if people just read romance for the sex, at least they're reading about encounters where the physical is an expression of love. The couples cherish each other despite flaws or uncertainty. Sex is an extension of an emotional journey, not a drunk hook up at a bar or as result of low self esteem. It can be passionate and erotic, yes, but more than that: it's two people finding each other with a promise of forever.

You may say it's not realistic -- but the characters in a well written romance can be as real and inspiring as the most lauded literature, only I know when I finish the last page it will be with a smile and sense of emotional well-being. There's enough turmoil and sadness everywhere else. 


dolorah said...

I delve into an epic fantasy. It has enough intellectual stimulation without being real world. And of course there should be romance and a satisfactory ending :)


Susan Kane said...

You are so right. When I pick up a romance novel, I know that some things will happen, challenges will be met, love will find love, and evil will be defeated.

In today's literature, that is not always a clear bet. Real life has all the darkness and more.

Very good observations, clearly voiced.

LynNerdKelley said...

I hopped over from the link on Susan Kane's Google+ page. Great timing as I'm escaping in a romance novel right now. It's not my favorite genre, but it's light-hearted and not gory or anything that will give me nightmares. It's entertaining and has some humor, which is always a plus. A nice escape from all the ugly stuff, for sure!

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