Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Second Campaigner Challenge: Water Pear

Blame this on the 2nd Crusader Challenge.
This is waaaaaaaay outside of my box. I dabbled in poetry as a teenager as an expression of my angst, but not really since. It's almost enough of a bizarre phenomenon to warrant recording the date.  I have no idea why I was drawn to write a poem, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. This poem addresses:
  5.  Write a poem/flash fiction piece (in less than 200 words) about the water pear *without* using the words “pear”, “spoon”, or “droplet”.
It is definitely less than 200 words (at 83). I actually felt like its natural stopping place was after the 2nd verse, but opted for quantity over quality. Since I write romance, I made it a sensual experience.  I actively dislike the “toothsome delight,’ but I can’t think of anything better.

Joy in the Wanting

Spray dusting my skin
Cool, sweet, springtime fresh
Surprised, awed, I blink
My beaded lashes
Paint my blushing cheek
With soft, wet kisses

Longing for the taste
Just a reach away
Honeyed mist floating
Teasing my senses
With false promises
Gone in a flash. Lost.

Tasting my own lips
With my seeking tongue
A lingering hint
Finds what could have been

No succulent flesh
No toothsome delight
Just a memory
To tantalize me
Or is it torture
To know I’m denied?

Thank you for reading my submission, #61. I look forward to reading through the other entries.


Morgan said...

Hooooly... This was FANTASTIC. I loved your use of words... Really lovely. Just "liked" ;)

New follower here... And from our bio, your novels sound fantastic--I'll look forward to our future posts!

Unknown said...

Cool! I love it!

Cynthia said...

The heart-wrenching feeling of an unfulfilled romance! You painted that very well here. Thanks for sharing!


Meradeth Houston said...

This is really heart-rending and beautiful! Great use of language.

Sally said...

That is a lovely poem, very emotional. WEll done. I wrote poetry as well #47

Unknown said...

Oh, I loved it! Very nicely done. I've never been able to write poetry - you pulled it off flawlessly.

Great job,

Unknown said...

I didn't find 'toothsome delight' to be that bad. It made sense to me.


Unknown said...

definitely loved this. Great images! And you definitely made use of all the senses. Loved it!

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed your poem! Great work!

Melissa said...

Loved it! Great use of words. = )Melissa Maygrove #14

Erin Kane Spock said...

@all - thanks for the comments. I had fun writing and now look forward to reading all your submissions.

I think "toothsome delight" brings "Afternoon delight" to mind. I don't know, it just makes me wince.

Susan Kane said...

Very evocative poem. Words were rich and full of imagery. Lovely.

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