Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm Not Ignoring You

3 hours after fall
I broke my foot on Sunday, 3/11. Urgent care said it was a bone chip, but the orthopedic doctor said the chip is attached to a tendon, so requires surgery. Oh, and I broke it in 3 other places as well. While this validated my pain and made me feel less wussy, it has really thrown a wrench in the gears of my life.

I have to take extended leave from school. I still don’t know if this means disability or a sub – and if my sick days are limited to M/W/F (the days I teach) or the whole week. And if I’m doing lesson plans. I don’t know anything. It stresses me out a lot, but then I take a Vicodin™.
Day 2

I also have not been upright long enough to write and/or blog. I am woefully behind on checking people’s crusader challenges and missed another Romantic Friday Writer’s opportunity. It stresses me out, but then the Vicodin™ kicks in and I’m comatose for the 4 hours the drug works.

It’s the only way I can sleep now because I’m wearing a big f-ing (I've been cussing a lot) boot that weighs 20lbs and doesn’t fit right. They were going to cast it, but I had to get it CAT scanned so they opted for the boot.  I would complain more here, but my Vicodin™ is starting to work and I need to lay down.
Stupid $%&#&#@ boot

So this blog is to say I’m not ignoring anyone. I will catch up after my surgery (Wednesday-ish).


Rena said...

Entertaining fact about Vicodin: it makes you cuse more. Another strange fact: your brain remembers cuse words in a different place than where it remembers all other language skills. It's more primitive, and in trials, the overwhelming majority of people are able to coop with more pain if they cuse than if they restrain themselves to the PG realm of dialogue.

So, in short, cuse your heart out, we won't mind, and it'll make you feel better.

If you don't believe me check out this. Pretty awesome, right... Oh, and we weren't thinking that you were ignoring us.

lizzhatfield said...

Too bad for your foot, hope you'll be fine soon.
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