Monday, January 9, 2012

Sexiest Man EVER

Alright, Sebastian Bonnington may have just topped V'lane. Every thing he does, says, breathes, is hot (in the way that's spelled HAWT). Craziness Eloisa James. And to think I thought you had outdone yourself with Villiers (One of my favorite movies and books is Dangerous Liaisons, and the Valmont sexiness that comes from John Malcovich was just amplified in Villiers), but Bonnington wins. I can't find the right image to do him justice, partly because some of his allure is in his voice (the voice I imagine at least) and physical presence.

Who is your favorite romantic male lead in (in the media of your choice)?

Just for fun, here's a hot guy.


Susan Kane said...

I am soooo predictable. So old school.
Antonio Banderas is a given. Yul Brynner is an old favorite. I cannot think of new hot male leads. Sadly, they seem so 'on the line' of masculine and feminine.

Avadonja said...

Ooh! V'lane... I do agree. Barrons too.
There's also Christof from The Smoke Thief.
@ Susan, I'm with you on Antonio too. The Desperado version, where he's 6' 5" looking.

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