Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Personal Style Resolution

A good friend of mine just got a sewing machine and asked for a quick tutorial. Loading the bobbin, finishing off a seam, etc... She took to it like crazy, jumping headfirst into projects. I know that within no time she will have a completely new wardrobe. She doesn't do things by half. No sir. It's really quite impressive.

I found this when I searched for "sexy hippie."
On that, why can't I make my own clothes? I make costumes, but not day wear... and why not? I have ideas and I have the necessary skills? Plus, I'm in that in between size limbo. Too busty for regular cut clothes, too slim for plus size. I should just do it.

So here is a non-writing related new year's resolution: I will design and make myself at least 2 wearable outfits. My design style is tailored bohemian with a historical influence. I'm part yuppie, part hippie, but all feminine. Should be fun.

By the way, the picture featured above is nothing like my style, but it was too amazing not to use. I do believe that pants should cover your underwear and that underwear should cover your no-no bits. I bet having this pic will get me tons of unrelated hits.

What are you planning for this year that is NOT related to your writing and publishing goals?


Matthew MacNish said...

Those jean leggings with underwear revealed are kind of ... fascinating?

Colene Murphy said...

Good for you!

Also, that picture is REALLY hard to stop looking at. I agree with Matthew...fascinating.

Susan Kane said...

Those outfits would stop traffic, cause accidents. Maybe she'd even get arrested. Can't wait to see what designs you create!

Raquel Byrnes said...

My next project is thigh stocking jeans! LOL!

Erin Kane Spock said...

I double dog dare you. :)

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