Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day.... Meh

I'm in the pout-pout fish mode this week.  My youngest decided to gift me with her head cold and I've spent a lot of time under the influence of Thera-flu (tm).  The good news is the doctor said it's just a cold.  The bad news is that I'm a big, whiny baby and all I want to do is sleep.  If I can make it through this week I'll be energized and wake up Saturday ready to conquer the world.  By which I mean catch up on lost writing time and scrub my kitchen floor.  Right now though, I'm about to go take a nap and let my kids eat crayons and pudding while I'm unconscious.

Also adding to the 'meh' factor of this post is the upcoming Hallmark holiday.  This is Valentine's weekend.  Valentine's day started sucking somewhere around middle school when all the slutty girls with boyfriends got presents and I, being painfully shy, did not.  It continued that way throughout high school, partly because of the lack of romantic attention thing and then, when the tide turned, because I was above it all.  I was too cool and jaded to have fun with it.  Now I get to tape heart shaped lollipops to Tinkerbell cards for my kids to pass out and it's fun.  But still not romantic.  In fact, if my husband did try to get all romantic on me, I wouldn't be able to take it seriously and it would end up being a wasted effort.  And I call myself a romance writer.

I'm not even going to try to find a picture to go with this post.  I will just fix my typos, schedule it, and call myself done for a couple days. I'm sorry this had very little to do with writing, other than the fact that I need to write.

I hope you had a great pre-Valentine's week.  Do you have anything fabulous planned for the weekend?


mary said...

This post is hilarious and painfully honest!
This romantic weekend I am working, cleaning and hopefully watching some terrible TV.

Misha Gerrick said...

I'm planning to spend a romantic weekend critting five ms's.

*rolls eyes*
I have to get out of the house more.

Really hope you feel better soon!

Michael Di Gesu said...

First, Erin,

I hope you feel better.


What's romance? Does it TRULY exist?

I'll answer that .... only in

Have a great weekend.


Susan Kane said...

"The thrill is gone...the thrill is gone..." Who sang that??? I don't think it's the "thrill", but mainly the energy is gone, or the time is gone...I don't know, but when I sit down on the couch with my beloved, we fall asleep.

Romance exists, but it maybe it is taking a break. susan

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