Saturday, May 29, 2010

Didn't Quite Finish my Out-Candylanding Candyland. Oh well.

Candyland had a competition Imma Do Candyland Better Thank Candyland contest entry. I started to put my stuff together, but lost steam and creative energy. Plus, I’m still figuring out how to configure my blogs using the tools available through blogspot, so I have no clue how to insert pics mid text without getting html error messages. Someday I'll finish it just for fun. I mean, hey, I have tons of stories of my kids being cute and my kids being gross -- sometimes at the same time. I do have a problem using words like 'Imma' seriously. I don't criticize when other people do it, I just can't seem to make myself. It might have to do with when I said "bidness" to my class of 8th graders and they were all, "Oh, Mrs. Spock" with downcast eyes, expressions of pain and disappointment.

That said, this is all I have, but I hate to waste any writing effort, so I will post it here and perhaps you will feel like you know me better.

Random Fact #1: I knew I was a grown up when a student vomited on (and in) my shoes and I did not vomit in response.

Random Fact #2: I like to plan crimes. You know, the perfect murder, embezzlement, scams, etc… I would never do them, but I think about them. I told my husband that if he ever sees me cultivating an icicle in our freezer, he’s in trouble.

Just for fun: My all time favorite blogsites is Lovely Listing. It’s got nothing to do with being published or parenting or World of Warcraft, but it makes me happy. Seriously, if you have the time (and, I recommend an empty bladder) do look through the pages until your neck hurts. Then come back the next day and start from where you left off. Between the listings and saga of Chair, it’s genius. Sara, I salute you.


Unknown said...

Did you make these cookies? 'Cuz they're pretty damn beautiful!

Erin Kane Spock said...

I found those pics on flickr and the baker has tons of very cool images that really make me feel like a sub-standard baker.

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