Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Writing Journey

This blog started out about my journey to becoming published. With some slight deviations, my posts have been about my writing, the process, and the industry as I came to know it. During the years my writing has changed (I like to think I've grown) but my goal remained the same. I knew that I would eventually publish a book; all I had to do was remain diligent and work smart.

Now I have published a book. My second book is due to be released in March. This blog, however, will continue to be about my journey because it's certainly not over.

When I first signed that contract I expected to be elated. FINALLY! I thought I'd be proud and confident, that I'd want to celebrate. Instead it was overwhelming. Yes, I got the contract... but what would come next? It was uncharted territory for me. I'd become comfortable with the pattern of rejection and revision, getting back on the horse, and trying again.

I realized that becoming published wasn't the end, it's just a step on the ladder. One race finished and the next started.

So, what's next for me?

1. Continued growth as a writer. I became a better writer with each book. Now I'm writing AND addressing edits. It's a learning process and my editor has been very patient with me as we work out the kinks. I've had trouble with little things like when the form of address is a proper noun and when it's possessive. I'm figuring it out. Eventually it is my goal that I'll get a manuscript back without any basic mistakes and only comments about content. Content adjustments aren't embarrassing. Basic English errors are. As far as my journey goes, this part is very organic and doesn't scare me. As long as I'm open to learning, I will grow.

2. Finding balance as a professional writer. With my book(s) out there, I have a new job: marketing. I need to be writing new material, editing the old, and figuring out how to make connections with  my readers. Being me, I tend to obsess over little things and I need to step back and see the big picture, and organize my efforts in a healthy way. I'm working on it. This part is not easy for me.

3. Finding balance as a human. I'm a mom, a wife, a teacher, an Irish dance mom, a reader, an artist, a puppy-mommy, a dress designer/seamstress, a daughter... I'm a lot of things besides being a writer. I thank God for my husband. He's shouldering some of the weight of marketing/social media. The other day I forwarded him an email and told him my brain was full and I couldn't think about. He took it over with no questions. This is a process I have to figure out.

So the journey is far from over and this blog will continue to follow that journey. Thanks for letting me share it with you.


Unknown said...

Hooray for publication!!!

No journey is ever over. Hope you enjoy conquering these next challenges. I can't wait to hear about them as they unfold.

Susan Kane said...

Love the pie chart! You are impressive.

TxDee said...

Just read the excerpt for Courtly Pleasures...Gotta have it now! This is one of my favorite tropes--neglected/unwanted wife and husband whose eyes are opened finally. A spin on the MOC which never is convenient!

Erin Kane Spock said...

Thank you, Taryn. It's an adventure. :)

Susan, I should have added naps to the pie chart. It would be more of a sliver than anything else, but important.

Dee, Thank you for letting me know you liked the excerpt. I hope you enjoy the book. <3

Unknown said...

Hi, I met you in Bevmo today( the cashier lol) the excerpt from Courtly Pleasures was really REALLY NICE!! I passed your card on to my sister to see if she’d be interested in reading it, she’s a real book worm!!

Erin Kane Spock said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you liked the excerpt. I hope your sister enjoys it as well. :)

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