Monday, March 24, 2014

I Really Hate Titles

Seriously, I do. I will come up with something clever, but not sexy. The titles I like don't give a clear idea of the story and aren't gripping. It's really a problem.

Next time I pitch, I think the header on my one sheet should say "Insert Title Here" instead of whatever I come up with. After all, editors often change the title anyway, right?

Currently my Irish paranormal is called Touching the Past. The forest is central to the story, so when my critique partner and I discuss is, she calls it Sexy Trees or Psychic Trees. My husband, who really is a proponent for the titillating angle (which is not the entirety of the story and, therefore, shouldn't be the only selling feature) wants me to call it She Gives Him Wood. I like the idea of the title One (inspired by the U2 song) or Eternal Memory or The Heart's Guardian... but no, not sexy.

Allow me to scream. Hey, Screaming Trees... no, that was a grunge band.

Okay, better now.

How do you come up with a title?

The image shown left (and more!) can be found here.


Susan Kane said...

I agree with your husband. The Bitch title would be better with some naked horny people on the cover. Doing something.

Stacy McKitrick said...

She Gives Him Wood--I am laughing out loud!! :) Now, if you were writing comedy, this would SO work!

My titles rarely come to me when I'm writing the book. And sometimes someone else suggests the title.

I like using play on words. Try mixing Love (Love in the Forest) or Desire (Forest of Desire) or some other type of sexual word in the title, along with whatever is central in your story. Or, find a title to a movie or a favorite saying and change it up to reflect your book.

Erin Kane Spock said...

Susan, what bitch title? Princess Bitchface in the jpg?
Stacey, your idea makes me think of one of those name generators where there's a column full of first names and a column of last names. I should make one of those with Forest, Tree, Elemental, etc... and roll the dice. :)

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